I am uploading pictures. but they are not showing up

I've attached the invite link to the discord server in the file's description where it says "Southwest - Heart | 737-MAX8 (Max Team Design)"

It’s also a simple google search as the server is public.

Where do you download the 737 max from? I don't know the link?

Love the mod! Are you planning a zibo level mod for the a330

Is this mod supposed to change the engine model visually?

If your menu is greyed out you have to turn off the batteries. The plugin is supposed to make the menu unavailable as long as the batteries are on. This is intended to prevent the engines from being switched while you are operating the aircraft.

When I switch engines nothing happens, What do i do?

Merci pour les captures d'écran!

Hello Kitcat

I just tested it out. Yes there is an error. This seems to be related to the fact that the file is renamed during the upload. Please try to rename the files as I originally created them.

"zOrtho4XP_-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ.7z.001" and "zOrtho4XP_-21+057 Mauritius 18LZ.7z.002" exactly like that. The directory could then be unpacked without an error message.

Please report if it works now.

Gruß Andreas

I would love Iceland as well. Okay enough requests from my side! ;D

Unfortunately the ortho tile for LEPA is incompatible with XP12 because of the water that surrounds the island. It's unflyable, full of glitches. Therefore would be much appreciated if you could get us a tile, because Malta worked out great. Thx again!

Spain in UHD already exists. I can hardly upload it here any better.


The popular summer destination would be great. Like Palma de Mallorca! Thx 😊)

I think he means Scicilia, Italy 😊

Next Days Ortho for Umar. Islamabad Pakistan.

Which Ortho from Europa you want?

more ortho scenery please! Europe preferably !

What do you mean with Slcily? The Island of scilly in the south West Off GB?

great mod, thank you! Will you do the isis as well?

Thank you, I'm glad this is helping more people!

What you are referring to, if I understand correctly, is the "TAA" render resolution in FS2020. This is a setting which allows rendering at a lower resolution prior up scaling to the display resolution. There is no modern AA implementation in XP12 though, and the closest functionality is FSR instead. This is the AMD library that allows up scaling from render to display res too, minus, the "AA" part (anti-aliasing). It doesn't work the same at all, but this is the closest in terms of functionality, albeit, it also magnifies the aliasing issues unfortunately. The mod provides a settings to enable FSR and then adjust the sharpening strength, you still need to open the XP12 graphics settings should you want to change the up scaling ratio though (perf, quality, etc...).

Thanks for your Feedback! Enjoy flight over Peshawar.

Download the engines from the Link in the description and put the folders "GE Engines" and "PW Engines" into the objects-folder of your copied A330-300, then put the content from the zipfile of the Engine switcher mod into your A330-300 folder as well. Overwrite when promted.

First of all I must tell you that you have done a great job, I used this script on my last flight and you can really feel the change.

I wanted to ask you also, do you know if there is a way to make x plane render at a higher resolution? Like msfs with its render scaling. I have this problem and setting the resolution in graphics is not an option and seeing the power of lua I thought maybe I could program something that allows me to set the resolution of the textures or something similar.

It's not a file.

WIP means "Work In Progress" a.k.a it's not finished.